Abused Puppy Get to See The Man Who Saved Him. When He Recognizes Him….Amazing!

Joey Wagner found this pit bull puppy living in a terrible environment. The puppy called Mojo was being prepared to become a ‘bait dog’. This practically means that the poor little dog would be used as to enhance a fighting dog’s aggression and killer instinct. People who does these things, would even use duct tape to tape the bait dog’s mouth shut, or break out their teeth so the bait dog can’t fight back. These dogs live a life of misery and pain and it is a mild word to say this practice is cruel!

Thanks to Joey, Mojo will be spared of living such a life and it was a wonderful thing he had done. Few weeks after he left him in an animal shelter, he came to visit and medical stuff wasn’t sure if the tiny puppy would even remember Joey…But, the moment, he picks him up, Mojo knew very well who is he. Amazing!


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